Stephen Hollister

CEO at TriSplit, Inc.

This is the story of my 50 year career in programming from cards in FORTRAN to HTML, JS, and Node.js. As a subject matter expert and computer engineer, I have written over a million lines of code, a lot of which became obsolete and a lot of it was for converting data from one app to another.

I call it code and data integration hell. There is a reason why PLM and Digital Twin systems cost so much and then fail. The computing world should be more than competing battles between zero-sum suites.

It's not clear what the goal is here, but TriSplit ( is my solution. It was started in 2014 and has gone through three working revisions on the desktop. It will be available to all online starting in the spring of 2022. It's like YouTube for code and data in a universal form where anyone can wrap pieces together to create new solutions with no programming. Advertising and SaaS revenue services will be provided.

TriSplit splits the app into three plug-and-play components of data, code, and UI. It does things not possible ay other way. It defines a universal and open definition for any program data and data structure using JSON files. Data can be defined independently from apps. It will provide an open and universal API for code, data, and UI.

TriSplit will provide large repositories of universal data, code and UIs that include table/grid data and geometry.

The biggest historical problem in computer science is OOP in the form of classes unique to each computing language. Data and code need to be split and not encapsulated internally in an app and defined by one group. Global and open data definitions need to be defined by subject matter experts that cross all horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal markets.