Marcello Dias

Owner at NM10

I think all the arguments against data centric,and in favor of domain centric are a little bit confuse and tendencious.
1-Costumers wants faster and cheaper systems,most of the time they don care about what Database are you going to use.And specialization is what takes to fast systems,not that is meant to run in several databases will be as fast and light as something specialzied,who earns money with the actual status quo?Microsoft,Amazon and everyione that sells bandwith,memory ,and cpu consuptiom.
2-Domain centric applicattions are easier to mantain,who said? Everytiem I see that I think people are using wordstar 1,I never ahs problems understanding somebodies elses code,specially those that use databases resources(stored procedures ans triggers heavilly).
3-(The most stupid one) A programmer hour costs more than a machine hour,if youŕe developing an applciation for internal use maybe,if you think that your applciattion is going to be uses by thousands of companies don.
4-You can unit test your business rules.In fact people today are not testing the applciattion as a whole,taking user interaction,and persistance,if youŕe not tunning automatized tools youŕe not testing your applicattion seriously.