Manish Sharma

Investor and Advisor at Contactous -

I believe in this manifesto from my heart and have invested my own money in a startup which is aligned to this philosophy that data is the oxygen to an application.

I have always been intrigued by organization's fascination for applications. Millions of dollars and inordinate energy is spent in selection and implementation of applications. But stats clearly show that majority of them are not successful and absence of meaningful data is cited as the main reason. What confounds me the most is that the same organizations repeat the cycle by going after a new application!

Recently I came across a CRM implementation which cost $4M to implement and it barely had 200 contact records after two years! Why the system is not used is still a mystery to the management!! These cases are rampant and it is a madness there which needs to be addressed.

I love the thinking of this manifesto and fully support it.